Travel Size Cribbage Board

Travel Size Cribbage Board

Looking for the perfect travel sized gift for your aviation enthusiast!?! Look no further! These travel size cribbage boards are the perfect addition to any traveler’s arsenal. The cribbage board is 8 1/2" wide, 5 1/2" tall, and 1 3/8" thick, made out of solid maple wood. Each cribbage board has 8 strong magnets (4 on lid, 4 on main base) to help hold the pegs and cards in, when not in use. As always, you get to choose your very own airport to have laser engraved onto the top!


This custom designed cribbage board has been designed with a compact travel emphasized component. The top lid is held securely by 8 strong magnets, which then encompasses separate compartments for both cards and pegs when placed onto the main board. When the lid is secured to the top, the board slides perfectly into a backpack or suitcase for your traveling needs.


These cribbage board comes with the industry standard "Bicycle" card deck, and 6 high quality metal pegs. (3 pairs of 2 colors each).


For a small additional fee, you can add in your own personalized customized text onto the back/bottom! A mock-up photo of your customized text will be sent and approved by you prior to production.


Finally, these cribbage boards will be finished with a high-quality finish to preserve both the laser etching and overall wood during its use. Please allow a few weeks for each board to be finished as we take our time with several layers of finish with drying/sanding between coats.


Any further inquires about these cribbage boards please reach out we’d love to hear from you!

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