Laser Engraved Photo

Laser Engraved Photo

Get your very own picture laser engraved onto wood!   Have a favorite aviation photo of yours?  Did you just complete your first solo and you want to get a commemorative keepsake of it?  You can have that awesome photo laser engraved right onto high quality maple wood, and then framed up for you to enjoy.   


No worries if you don't have a good photo of your own!  Reach out with your request, whether that be a specific aircraft model, airline, kind of shot (taxiing, taking off, airborne, etc) and we can get one for you!  We potentially could even get a photo of your very flight with enough advance notice.


Photo will be laser engraved onto 1/4" Maple Plywood.   These photos, even after being laser engraved into wood, are highly detailed and capture most, if not all, the original photo moment.  Sizes and quality of the photo will slightly vary based on photograph characteristics,  resolution, differentiating grains in wood, etc. 


Sizes available-






Other options, such as multi photo slices, are also available,  send in your inquiry!



  • How to Order


    How to submit your own photo when ordering-  

    IMPORTANT: If you are unsure if your photo would work, or you want to request something specific, please contact us via the website or email PRIOR to ordering. This will help prevent unnecessary order cancellations.

    Follow the prompts online as you select your preferences, including the size and frame color etc.  After you have completed and processed your order, please email, and attach the requested photo you would like lasered, as well as the order number you received at checkout.  

    For best results, send highest resolution photo you can.  Most common files are acceptable including JPEG.  

    Due to the varying sizes of photos, the finished product may be vertical or horizontal.  The margins on the finished product may vary as well, due to the dimensions of the photo.   An effort will be made to leave a roughly a 1" margin on all sides unless requested otherwise.  (Note this may further increase/decrease the margin on perpendicular side as the scaling changes).  Unless requested, photos will not generally be "stretched" in a direction to help fill out the entire frame more evenly.