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First Solo Flight Gift

First Solo Flight Gift

Our First Solo Plaque gift package is the perfect gift to give to your loved one or friend who has accomplished the great feat of a first solo flight!


This EXCLUSIVE gift package has all the "bells and whistles" of Clear Cut Woodworking Products, and includes the following- 

*3D text piece (a $10 value) for the personalized info such as name, date, tail number etc.
*3D text piece (a $10 value) for the airport name and location! (EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE WITH THIS PRODUCT ONLY!!)
*Ornament ($25 value) which will include the airport that the plaque has.  


Additionally, exclusive to this product only, this product will contain several extra upgrades in shipping materials, intending to provide a "wow" reaction upon opening.  The upgraded box has a tabbed top that lifts up in one direction, displaying the airport diagram.  The airport diagram is surrounded by shredded paper around the edges, providing a professional packaged look, displaying and highlighting the diagram itself, while adding protection to the plaque.  On the inside of the top lid of the box, a certificate of congratulations will be incased in a protective sleeve, including the name of the giftee.   The congratulations certificate will display exactly as shown in the photos, with the only change being the "from" name(s).  


These 12"x16" framed airport diagrams (actual size with frame 13"x17") are made of high quality maple wood and black frame.  It is perfect to display on a bookshelf, desk, or wall. Its classic design and high-quality craftsmanship make it a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

This product is intended to purchase for someone as a gift, it is sure to be a hit. Commemorate a special moment in a pilot's life with our exclusive Christmas First Solo Gift package. Order yours today!


*Let us know if you would like your plaque to say "Commercial Pilot", or any other achievement you may desire it to say!

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