Lasered  Photo (Oak Frame)

Lasered Photo (Oak Frame)

Get your OWN picture lasered onto wood!   Have a favorite photo of yours?  Now you can have that photo lasered right onto a board and framed up for you to enjoy.    Note:  Although right now we've primarily advertised aviation photos, feel free to submit whatevever photo you choose.  



Lasered piece- 1/4" Birch Plywood

Frame- Oak

Finish- Cherry stain w/high gloss finish on oak frame.  Lasered birch board left stain free.  (After extensive experimenting, we found the best quality photo was left stain and finish free).  


Sizes (individual pieces may slightly vary)-

($75) Large Framed- 19 7/8" by 14 3/8"

($60) Large No Frame- 17 1/8" by 11 3/4" 

($65) Small Framed- 13 3/4" by 10 1/4"

($40) Small No Frame- 11 3/16" by 7 9/16"


  • How to Order


    How to submit your own photo when ordering-  

    IMPORTANT: If you are unsure if your photo would work, or you want to request something specific, please contact us via the website or email PRIOR to ordering. This will help prevent unnecessary order cancellations.

    Follow the prompts online as you select your preferences, including the size and whether to include a frame or not.  After you have completed and processed your order, please email, and attach the requested photo you would like lasered, as well as the order number you received at checkout.  

    For best results, send highest resolution photo you can.  Most common files are acceptable including JPEG.  

    Due to the varying sizes of photos, the finished product may be vertical or horizontal.  The margins on the finished product may vary as well, due to the dimensions of the photo.   An effort will be made to leave a roughly a 1" margin on all sides unless requested otherwise.  (Note this may further increase/decrease the margin on perpendicular side as the scaling changes).  Unless requested, photos will not generally be "stretched" in a direction to help fill out the board piece more evenly. 

    In the photo section, some lasered photos are accompanied with the original photo, to help give an idea on how a picture may translate from photo to wood.  Note: Photos shown are both examples and previous orders. Some photos are not our own and were used with permission.