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Airplane Ornament - Piper Arrow

Airplane Ornament - Piper Arrow

Bring a touch of aviation to your holiday décor with our Maple Wood Multi-Layer Piper Arrow Christmas Ornament! This stunning ornament is crafted from high-quality maple wood, known for its beautiful natural grain and durability.


The ornament features multiple layers, each laser engraved with intricate details and designs inspired by one of the worlds most popular airplane, the Piper Arrow. From the propeller to the paint stripe along the side, this ornament perfectly captures the essence of flight and the intricacies of a PA28. 


Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or simply love to add unique, handmade pieces to your holiday décor, this maple wood ornament is sure to be a treasured addition to your collection. Its rich, warm tones are sure to complement any tree or display, and its compact size makes it the perfect gift for friends and family.


So why wait? Order your Maple Wood Multi-Layer Airport Piper Arrow Ornament today and add a touch of aviation magic to your holidays!


Ornaments measuring 4” wide by roughly 4.5” tall, about .33” thick.  Each ornament includes your personalized choice of 3 different angles of a PA28 to choose from! Each ornament includes rustic twine, and is ready to hang on your Christmas tree immediately!


*NOTE: Engravings illustrated may not reflect completely accurate Piper Archer aircraft.  See photo details for examples of engravings for this product. 


Upon request, we can attach the year on the back for a small additional fee.  The year will be toward the top of the ornament.

    PriceFrom $24.99
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