Airplane Instrument Coasters

Airplane Instrument Coasters

Get your very own set of "The Six Pack" aircraft instruments laser engraved onto high quality solid Maple wood coasters. These coasters are made out of high-quality hard maple wood, slightly less than 4"x4". These coasters have a beautiful beveled edge and are coated in multiple layers of clear finish to preserve their quality during use. Each coaster also has 4 felt feet on the bottom to protect the surface they sit on. Coasters do not come with a holder.


Each set includes 6 total coasters. Altitude Indicator, Attitude Indicator, Airspeed Indicator, Turn Coordinator, Heading Indicator, and Vertical Speed Indicator.


Visit the "Wood Coasters" product page if you are interested in getting the customized airport layout coaster set.


Reach out if you are interested in purchasing in bulk, we do offer discounts!