Airport Diagram

Airport Diagram

Select your favorite US Airport and have it lasered onto high quality maple plywood! These are perfect wall decor for your home office, airplane hangar, workspace, and more! Each airport diagram comes in a black frame which is ready to be hung immediately.


A custom-made compass rose is an option that can be included to replace the simple variance arrows, you can select whether to have one included or not during checkout! (The simple variance arrows will be included if you select no on the compass rose option).


Shaded buildings are another option you can choose when purchasing your diagram. Our personal recommendation is the simpler/smaller the overall airport, the better it looks having the buildings shaded. Higher complexity/busy airports such as ORD, MSP, etc., tend to look nicer with the buildings not shaded. You really can’t go wrong either way!


All of our airport diagrams are made to order, if you have any specific requests, (i.e., add a label to a building) please let us know in the order notes and we can make it happen!

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