3D Airport Map

3D Airport Map

These beautiful topographic 3D airports are truly one of a kind! Stained round 1" thick wood, laser and scroll sawed taxiways, runways and buildings to create a multiple layer 3D layout of your favorite airport! Lacquer finish to preserve its beauty.  These bathymetric maps are truly unique!  Sizes are 18" and 24".  Want an even bigger size?  Check out the "Large Topographic Airport Map" which offer sizes between 30"-42".  


As all of Clear Cut Woodworking products, you get to select your favorite U.S. airport. Whether it be LAX, JFK, MSP, or another, let us know in the order notes which U.S. airport you'd like. We can also do other types of maps such as air traffic control maps.  Additionally, if there is any other information or details you wanted included, please reach out, and/or add to the order notes and we will do our best!


How these round 3D airports are made-


We start out by obtaining round wooden discs, ranging from 18-42". These rounds are then sanded smooth, coated with pre-finish, and then multiple layers of stain are added to provide the look shown in the photos. We then head to the computer, to start prepping the airport file for the laser machine. This takes quite a bit of work as different sizes require to "break" the airport into different sections, using our best attempt to have these " breaks" along runways to hide any seams.


Once the file work is complete, we go to the laser and laser cut most all the taxiways, runways, buildings, compass rose, lettering etc. Often, we head to the scroll saw and spindle sander to touch work up. Once we have all the pieces, we then use various paints and stains to color the buildings, taxiways, runways etc.


Onto the assembly, we first go back to the computer to laser out templates, to ensure the airport is centered onto the round correctly, as well as the lettering about the airport. Various glues and adhesives, including the nail gun are then used to hold everything into place. Effort is used to "hide" the brad nails under buildings, runways, etc. so you can't see them in the final product.


A few coats of lacquer are sprayed onto the entire project, protecting its beauty, and hanging hardware is installed onto the back. It's ready for your wall!

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