3D Airport Diagram

3D Airport Diagram

These 3D airport diagrams are truly unique! Choose any US airport and have it transformed into a 3D model for you to enjoy on your office wall, hanger, or office!




  • Hand made out of multiple layers of 3mm plywood, strategically cut and glued into several layers to highlight the terminals, buildings, and runways. The 3D airport comes in a 12x15 shadow box. Please note, some airports have very small buildings, or buildings not indicated with the data we use. With these circumstances, some buildings may not be included. If you are ordering an airport and have a desire to make sure a specific building IS included, please let us know and we can make it happen!


What happens after you order-


Once an order is placed, a lot goes on in the background for the ability to produce these 3D airports. First, we gather the airport layout data, then start the several hour process of file editing, including indicating on the taxiway structures where the laser is to cut, making a cut list of the various buildings to be cut out, marking out the runway configuration, scaling the entire layout to the correct size, etc. This part of the process is the longest, as every individual cut must be properly indicated within the file prior to heading to the laser.


We then take 3mm plywood, and insert it into the laser machine which we have to fine tune and set it up for several different cuts. We first laser cut the taxiways, then the entire airport border. After that, we start on the building cut list, which can be long or short depending on the airport. Next, we laser cut the airport letters, such as MSP. Finally, we cut the runways themselves.


Upon completion of laser cutting, we head over to the assembly table where we spend time cleaning up the individual pieces, ensuring the quality hasn't been compromised during the laser process. Finally, we carefully glue the entire assembly together, which is quite the tedious process. The entire assembled 3D airport then gets installed into the 12x15 shadow box, and it is ready for packaging and shipping!